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The psychic and paranormal lifestyle website where you can read, post and interact with like minded people. Browse our amazing shop and buy all your new age and psychic goods with the confidence of paypal. No more expensive premium rate calls or numbers showing on your bill! An online psychic magazine with stories, pictures, readings, and more. Find out more about the psychic world or read others experiences and send us your own, get advice, answers and amazingly accurate readings with Bethany Star

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Want a reading with Bethany? click here to book a slot with Bethany, no premium rate calls or overcharging, just pick your slot and book and we will do the rest.
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Paranormal Investigations

A lot of people have talked to me over the years about their paranormal experiences, and as you’ve probably seen on TV now there are lots of shows now on ghost hunts and paranormal investigations.
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Paranormal Gallery

Here at Bethany Star we have a team of experts who will look at your photo enhance the images and see if you really have caught the unknown on film.
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Need some spiritual guidance? Do you have a problem you'd like to share? get a psychic insight from the amazing psychic Bethany Star.